Hair Ties


What is this? Amoebas floating in a soupy sea? Bacteria expanding in a petri dish? Celestial beings? Nope. It’s a bunch of hair ties that were dropped onto a sidewalk-I tweaked the colours a lot to get this effect!



Lamp Post Confusion


This is an older photo, but created today through cropping and tweaking the lighting. This is a shot of a whole streetful of lights, using the old 3D–2D ‘squish’ effect as I like ti call it to jumble the shapes all together and make the lamps look light they are dancing together.


Please Let Me In

A simple enough photo featuring shapes, symmetry and a colour standout on a seemingly black-and-white scene. Think of a wee person in a hat as you look at the hydrant. There are a lot of hard, straight, constricting edges in the fence, and in the lines and cracks on the road. But the curved cracks around the hydrant almost look like a welcoming road through the gap in the fence.