Tree and Graves

Graveyard tree

The tree in this photo is such a strong element it tends to hog the limelight. But our natural tendency to look beyond allows us to pick out the graves in the snow soon after looking at this photo. I love contrasts, so here you have it-life and death!

Branch Shadows

Believe it or not, all of the branches on this wall except the small ones at the top left are shadows. I worked with the colours to add a sunset glow.


butterfly.jpgYou can probably guess that I didn’t take this photo today. But I thought we could all do with a splash of summer about now! This butterfly is collecting nectar (and inadvertently, pollen) from a thistle. I got in close to really show the beauty of both. The flower, as you may know, is the national flower of Scotland-land of my birth. This butterfly has been through the wars (look at his ragged wing) but keeps on going. Perhaps he is Scottish too!