Slow Dance

slow dance

My neighbours have a couple of those wee statues used to encourage drivers to slow down. Folks around here have a great deal of fun posing them. I’m sure you can see why I call this photo ‘slow dance’!

Frog Prince and Me

Frog Prince.jpg

I found this cool frog statue in one of the yards just down the street from my house. I love the way e has been set on this interesting tree stump. The bonus is-this is a self portrait! Twice. Look in his beady wee eyes and you will see my reflection.

Big Fat Robin

As I walked home, the biggest, fattest robin I’ve ever seen ran at an alarming pace towards me. He looked at me, chirped a bit, and waited patiently¬†while I fished out my phone and took a picture. Then he hoofed it ( if that can be done on those spindly wee legs) under some bushes.

I think I made a friend! Or at least found a model.