Tree and Graves

Graveyard tree

The tree in this photo is such a strong element it tends to hog the limelight. But our natural tendency to look beyond allows us to pick out the graves in the snow soon after looking at this photo. I love contrasts, so here you have it-life and death!

Snowed In

The snow continues! I pity the drivers of these cars on v a rooftop garage. I hope they have shovels! The Milwaukee Federal Courthouse provides a backdrop. Notice the melting snowflakes on the window c I shot v the photo through.

Coffee House

Coffee Tum Bird House.jpgSome kind person is building bird houses throughout Milwaukee. I found this particularly creative one-for caffeinated birds-In the East Side. It was covered in rain drops-hinting at its purpose-and I angled the phone camera to make sure that human habitations would give it a sense of place and show it off as just another apartment!