Stone Faced

My favourite statue in Chicago. I got on close to create the appearance of people hurrying to work on a normal day until you see the stony face. I made sure that Jeweler’s Building would be a prominent backdrop to place the photo.

My wife pointed out that the Jeweler’s Building brings more wordplay on ‘stones’.


Three Hydrants

To inspire me I have a set of challenges I set myself. The first was ‘three of a kind’. Here’s my answer!

I have been looking at these hydrants for a few days, and I finally found the weather conditions I wanted to make them interesting. Light sleet condensed on the metal housing to bring out extra colours. I like the wordplay they are marked as sprinklers, and covered in sprinkles!

This is actually a self portrait. Look at the sprinkler on the left. See fingers reflected on the right? As if the sprinkler is a large camera lens? This is me! I will post a future shot using this effect to give a better reflection.