Cathedral Reflection

As you may know already, I love reflections! Here is Milwaukee’s Cathedral reflected in a window. I took the photo at an angle to create the ‘runway’ in the sky – lights behind the window. I spent a few moments trying to work out whether the window edge on the upper right lends a welcome clue to the fact this is a window reflection, or is just distracting clutter. What do you think? Please feel free to comment.


Blue Birds

What is made of metal and flies? In this case not an aeroplane! These slightly abstract bird statues fly through downtown Milwaukee. The ‘blue’ in the title refers to the clear sky-not the birds themselves!

Electric Blue Feather

OK. So I may have gone outside the ‘straight from the phone’ concept here 🙂 

I post processed this feather by isolating it from the background and pushing the image through a filter. I’m starting to really have fun with the photo apps on my phone!

I was trying to recreate the feeling of the neon tropical fish we had growing up.