How many patterns made of wood can you see in this photo? Hint: look through the ‘window’ to see the wooden chair and tree through it.

I made sure to include metal scrollwork to add contrast in material within the general ‘shades of brown’ theme, and the green mould at the top of the gate adds a splash of colour.


Branches and berries

Red berries and branches form a stark contrast against the gravelled building. I love to mix man-made with nature trying to make them blend and have the organic merge with inorganic. Where do the branches end? Are the berries floating in space? Are they part of the background? is this whole image 2D?

I goosed up the contrast to the max to enhance the effect-which added the white edging to the branches and berries to make the pop. I hope these white slivers create a winter feel (like snow or ice coating them). The contrast shift did make the photo enhancement obvious, but this site is my playground and I spent years using only natural effects. Now I get to add funky effects and call it art! Note, though, that only contrast was harmed in creating this image. No other tweaks / filters / effects were necessary. Still quite a pure image!

This looks like a black and white shot with colorized berries, but this was due to flat light. It was taken in full colour mode. I often search out this effect, and you’ll se more if it in the coming months. I call it ‘almost black and white’ and I found several different lighting conditions / camera angles that cause it.