Tree and Graves

Graveyard tree

The tree in this photo is such a strong element it tends to hog the limelight. But our natural tendency to look beyond allows us to pick out the graves in the snow soon after looking at this photo. I love contrasts, so here you have it-life and death!


Snowed In

The snow continues! I pity the drivers of these cars on v a rooftop garage. I hope they have shovels! The Milwaukee Federal Courthouse provides a backdrop. Notice the melting snowflakes on the window c I shot v the photo through.

Snow Tapestry

The snow on the leaf covered ground creates a tapestry. The only specks of colour are the occasional leaf and a dominating cigarette butt. Am I just trying to create a pleasant image or making  a point about humans and our fractious relationship with nature? I’ll let you decide. I haven’t a clue.

First Foot

In Scotland a New Year tradition is to go First Footing. The first foot in your door should be a tall dark stranger. I am none of these, but welcome to the First Foot in this blog. Happy Hogmonay, everyone!

The soft glow / soft focus effect was rendered with the phone’s flash on brilliantly white snow. Somehow the image seems to have reversed itself too-as if the footprint is rising up out of the ground. Weird! I didn’t expect this effect, but it opens up a whole new line of experimentation.