Snow Tapestry

The snow on the leaf covered ground creates a tapestry. The only specks of colour are the occasional leaf and a dominating cigarette butt. Am I just trying to create a pleasant image or making  a point about humans and our fractious relationship with nature? I’ll let you decide. I haven’t a clue.

First Foot

In Scotland a New Year tradition is to go First Footing. The first foot in your door should be a tall dark stranger. I am none of these, but welcome to the First Foot in this blog. Happy Hogmonay, everyone!

The soft glow / soft focus effect was rendered with the phone’s flash on brilliantly white snow. Somehow the image seems to have reversed itself too-as if the footprint is rising up out of the ground. Weird! I didn’t expect this effect, but it opens up a whole new line of experimentation.