Frog Prince and Me

Frog Prince.jpg

I found this cool frog statue in one of the yards just down the street from my house. I love the way e has been set on this interesting tree stump. The bonus is-this is a self portrait! Twice. Look in his beady wee eyes and you will see my reflection.

Tree and Graves

Graveyard tree

The tree in this photo is such a strong element it tends to hog the limelight. But our natural tendency to look beyond allows us to pick out the graves in the snow soon after looking at this photo. I love contrasts, so here you have it-life and death!

Misty City Night

Another deliciously misty day. I am starting to love the camera on my phone. This is entirely unretouched. The sharpness, depth and clarity under taxing lighting conditions is awesome. I enjoyed creating a framing that would have the orange street lighting fade up to gray mist with the tree emphasizing the transition.