Boxy Fish

This exotic fish was swimming in a tank in Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. It was a curious sort, and when I put my phone near the glass he moved towards it. Fun times! I spliced in a photo of trees to add some ‘vegetation’.


Blurred Lines

This was an experimental shot. The subject is the brightly striped fabric on a chair. I was spinning my phone round as I took the shot, trying to see if I could get a half decent blur effect. From this image I can see I need to try more similar experiments!

Sunrise Sliver

It felt like Midas had reached out to the sky this morning-turning it gold.

Taken from a moving car, I had to cut a wee slice of the original photo to eliminate extraneous detail-leaving the whole image at a jaunty angle. The contrast was set quite high to bring the rich tones out-blowing out the clouds in the middle a touch. It felt worth it to render the golds and ochres and to draw out the shafts of light and rich reflections.

I know that there are obvious pixels here. It was a grab shot! But the branches on the right are sharp and the softness is mainly in the clouds-lending an overcast, ominous feel. Let’s call this an ‘oil painting’ effect and pretend I aimed for just this look!